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Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer

Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer

Specification: Appearance Light yellow powder Solubility 100% Water Soluble Moisture Less than 5% Amino...
  • Physiological Acid
  • Chemical Neutral
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Commercial Organic Fertilizer
  • Organic
  • Zotiser
  • Bag
  • 40KG/BAG

Product Details

Infection On Soil:Physiological Acid Chemical Character:Chemical Neutral
Raw Material:Agricultural Waste Type:Commercial Organic Fertilizer
Whether Organic:Organic Trademark:Zotiser
Transport Package:Bag Specification:40KG/BAG

Product Description


Appearance Light yellow powder
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
Amino acids More than 40%
Total nitrogen more than 16.5%


  1. Improves the soil structure
  2. Promotes root development
  3. Reduces nutrient losses
  4. Improves quality of plants
  5. Increases the capacities of the earth water holding
  6. Improves the yield of crops
  7. Increases nutrient uptake
  8. Enhances soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) and aeration condition
  9. Increases the utilization of mineral fertilizers in soil
  10. Stimulates activities of soil microorganism

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